Dear Orchid Enthusiast,

Orchids are among nature's most unique and beautiful creations. Unfortunately, their beauty is short lived.

This inspired me to create a process which precisely recreates an orchid and its flower in precious metals. A favorite bloom can be preserved forever in beautifully crafted jewelry.  Free standing sculptures reproduce the delicate elegance of an orchid plant in its entirety, roots and all.

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These pieces are not dipped or plated.  They are solid 18k. yellow gold or sterling silver. No molds are used. Each creation is an exact reproduction of an actual flower. We lovingly craft each piece of jewelry and every sculpture directly from your favorite blossom or ours. Every Golden Orchid is a matchless one of a kind treasure. You will marvel at the intricate details of each piece.

In addition to my Golden Orchid pieces, I design a full line of artistic and functional jewelry. I look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding my orchid sculptures, orchid jewelry, or jewelry related issues.


Isaac Kornhauser

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